Swisse Chlorophyll Spearmint 500ML

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  • Nature’s Great Superfood: The green pigment found in plants, chlorophyll is responsible for absorbing and transforming energy from the sun.

    Alkaline Drink: Swisse Chlorophyll is an alkaline drink. Alkaline food and drinks are known to support the body’s pH levels.

    Antioxidant: Chlorophyll is a natural source of antioxidants, helping protect cells from free radical damage. Swisse Chlorophyll is a great tasting, alkaline drink made with natural flavour that can be taken daily or as part of a healthy detox program.

  •  Purified Water

    Sodium Magnesium Chlorophyllin (2%)

    Acidity Regulator (Sodium Carbonate)
    Preservative (Potassium Sorbate)
    Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid)
    Spearmint oil


  • Suitable for vegetarians.


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