Grants of Australia Liquid Chlorophyll 500ml

Grants of Australia Xylitol Natural Mouthwash 500ml is a new healthy way to freshen your breath with the dental health benefits of xylitol and none of the harmful effects of alcohol. Freshens breath naturally and contains the beneficial palate cleansing herbs of eucalyptus, cardamom, celery, caraway, dill, thyme, rosemary and sage. Suitable for all ages. Ideal to include with brushing and flossing as part of your family’s daily oral care routine.

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  • Grants of Australia Liquid Chlorophyll 500ml  is nature's green vitality boost. It is made from alfalfa concentrate, is naturally alkaline and contains vitamins, minerals and every essential amino acid. It helps increase energy and improve wellbeing. Chlorophyll also provides oxygen for the acidophilus bacteria in the bowel, encouraging efficient elimination and helps cleanse the body tissues of impurities and toxins. Chlorophyll naturally takes away bad breath and body odour.

     Greenergize your day with a splash in your water, smoothie or juice.

  • Water Flavouring (Natural Spearmint Oil)
    Copper Chlorophyllin Concentrate Lactic Acid
    Alfalfa Extract Contains Sodium Ascorbate 3.3mg/mL and Ethanol 59µL/mL.


    • Not tested on animals
    • Gluten Free
    • Dairy Free
    • Vegan
    • Contains no genetically modified ingredients. Manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

    • Greenergize your day with a splash in your water, smoothie or juice.
  • Expiry: Jan 2022

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