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Promensil Double Strength
Description Can provide menopause support during menopause. Promensil Menopause Double Strength is specifically formulated to provide a high dose of active ingredient as an additional dietary support for women in...
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Promensil Menopause
Description Reseach has shown that cultures consuming a diet rich with isoflavones (a phytoestrogen), women have fewer menpausal symptoms. Promensil's active ingredients are isoflavones (derived from red clover), which compliment...
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Promensil Womens Health 30 Soft Capsules
Description Promensil Womens Heath contains 40mg of the clinically trialed ingredient Red Clover isoflavones, a natural plant oestrogen source and is uniquely formulated to suport:           Healthy Bones After menopause, maintaining...
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