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June 14, 2021

What is Juniper Berry Essential Oil?

Juniper berry essential oil are sourced from Juniper berries. These type of berries are also used in making gin and as a flavoring agent for liqueurs and foods. Moreover, it contains healing properties that can be used for chronic diseases and medicinal applications. Useful in treating wounds and joint pain as well as purifying the air through burning the berries.

Juniper berry essential oil has a pungent, woody and distinctive aroma with a hint of fresh and peppery scent. You can also mix juniper berry essential oil with other wood oils in your diffuser. It blends well with sandalwood and cedarwood essential oils. It also goes well with citrus oils like grapefruit and orange essential oils.

Read and discover the various uses and health benefits of juniper berry. You can also find recipes in this article as well as the possible side effects of using it.   


Origin of Juniper Berry Essential Oil 

Junipers can be found in the shrublands and mountains of Southwest Asia, Europe and North America. Juniper berries or Juniperus communis is not a true berry but a type of seed cone. The method of extraction used is steam distillation of dried or slightly dried ripe juniper berries. It usually requires 500 kilograms of berries to produce 1 liter of essential oil.

Juniper berries are sourced from junipers which are evergreen, coniferous tree or shrub. The name of Juniper tree has been derived from the Latin word juniperus. It is a combination of the word junio which means “young” and parere meaning “to produce”.


Major Composition of Juniper Berry Oil

        ● alpha-Pinene                   ● Limonene                  
        ● beta-Pinene                     ● Sesquiterpene 
        ● Myrcene                           ● Germacrene
        ● Sabinene                          ● delta-Casinene


Juniper Berry Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

1. Fights Inflammation. Has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can provide relief if you are suffering from various types of arthritis or chronic inflammation. It reduces arthritis symptoms like joint pain, lower back pain, stiffness and joint swelling.

2. Natural Anti-fungal. Contains effective antifungal properties that can prevent you from having dermatophytes. This type of fungus may grow on skin that causes diseases such as mouth and yeast infections as well as ringworm. 

3. High Antioxidant Properties. It is rich in vitamin C and flavonoids which may offer various health benefits. Antioxidants in juniper berries can help slow early signs of ageing which include wrinkles and other kinds of diseases like diabetes and heart disease. 

4. Promotes Relaxation. Juniper berries helps promote relaxation and improve your mood during times of stress. It is also helpful if you are suffering from anxiety for it contains calming effects due to its soothing aroma. You can mix juniper berry oil with other oils.

5. Skin Health. You can include juniper oil in your skin care for it fights acne and helps promote skin health. It contains natural antiseptic properties that can reduce your risk of acquiring skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema.

6. Reduces High Blood Pressure. Juniper berries have high antioxidant properties. It may actually help reduce your blood pressure levels and manage heart rate. Moreover, decreases your chances of having hypertension and prevent you from having heart attack.

7. Insect Repellent. Juniper oil works like citronella oil. It can be an effective insect repellent in order to get rid of insects such as mosquitoes and bugs. It can prevent you from having mosquito-borne diseases like dengue. 

8. Promotes Sleep. An effective sleeping aid that can help with your sleeping deprivation or if you have sleeping disorders like insomnia. You can diffuse the oil before falling asleep or drop several drops on your bedding to improve your sleep environment.

9. Boosts Digestion. Stimulate digestive enzymes that break down foods and absorb nutrients for your body. Also, help detox your body, however, it is advised to consult your healthcare practitioner before ingesting juniper oil. 

10. Allergy Relief. One of the most effective natural remedies used to help fight skin irritations and allergies since it contains antiseptic properties. You can use it topically but make sure to dilute it with any carrier oil like coconut oil. 


How to Use Juniper Oil

Always remember that natural substances are not always safe and require proper usage. It is necessary to always read the label and follow directions before using any product. Also, consult your healthcare provider and ask for professional advice before using any products that can affect your health.

For essential oils, proper consultation and assistance are needed from a qualified aromatherapist. Aside from the different benefits that you can get from juniper berry essential oil, you can use it in different ways. Some of these are:

  • Diffuser. Add the desired number of drops of juniper berry essential oil or mix it with other essential oils in your diffuser. This will help in purifying the air, promoting tranquility and easy breathing.
  • Massage. Dilute the juniper oil with carrier oil like jojoba oil or sweet almond oil before applying to your skin. Mix together several drops of juniper oil with 1 teaspoon of carrier oil then massage it to the affected area.
  • Spritz. You need to add at least 5 drops of juniper essential oil to a 100ml spritz bottle filled with water. Then, shake well before spraying to your skin which can be used as insect repellent or air freshener.
  • Inhalation. You can inhale the juniper berry essential oil inside the bottle or put a few drops of oil on your handkerchief. It will help ease your nervousness, stress, anxiety and improve your mood. 
  • Bath. Mix 3 to 5 drops of juniper essential oil with at least 1 tablespoon of any carrier oil. You can mix it with coconut oil on your bath water for a relaxing and therapeutic bath after a tiring day. 



    Try these juniper berry essential oil recipes:

    Room Deodorizer

    -15 drops of Juniper Berry Essential Oil
    -1/2 tablespoon of Vegetable Glycerin
    -60 ml spray bottle
    -Distilled Water

    Mix 15 drops of juniper oil and 1/2 tablespoon of vegetable glycerin in the spray bottle. Then, fill the rest of the bottle with water. You need to shake well before each use to freshen the air in your room.

    Quality Sleep Diffuser Recipe

    -2 drops of Juniper Berry Essential Oil
    -2 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
    -1 drop of Geranium Essential Oil
    -1 drops of Frankincense Essential Oil

    Allergy Relief Diffuser Recipe

    -2 drops of Juniper Berry Essential Oil
    -2 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
    -2 drops of Bergamot Essential Oil
    -2 drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil


    Precautions and Side Effects

    For Children and Pregnant Women. Essential oil products should be kept out of reach of children. It may cause serious side effects when not properly administered. If you are pregnant or nursing, you should consult your healthcare provider or aromatherapist.

    Allergic Reactions. Some individuals can experience an allergic reaction to juniper especially if they are hypersensitive. Some of the signs include rashes, difficulty in breathing and chest pain. Therefore, an allergic reaction to juniper berry oil should be considered a medical emergency.

    Sensitive Skin. People with sensitive skin should be cautious when using this kind of product for it may irritate and damage their skin. They should dilute the juniper oil with another carrier oil such as coconut oil. Do a skin patch test before use to make sure that your skin is safe from any serious reactions.

    Disclaimer: The health information published on this web page is solely intended for educational purposes. VitaminsOnly strongly recommends consulting health care professionals for any questions concerning your health.

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