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May 06, 2019

Holy Basil Essential Oil for Stress Relief and Body Detox

What is Holy Basil Essential Oil

Holy basil is also called tulsi and has been dubbed as the "Queen of Herbs" for it is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine for treating different conditions. It is different from the basil plant that is popular as a food seasoning and used in different cuisines from around the world such as making Margherita pizza and pesto. 

Its fragrance is a combination of licorice and clove that provides a warm, sweet and refreshing aroma, the reason why it is used for clearing sinus passages and providing mental clarity. Indians used to clean drinking water by adding a few drops of holy basil oil or putting tulsi leaf in their drink. 

You can also blend it with other essential oils like eucalyptus or clary sage. It can help free your mind, body, as well as spirit since holy basil oil has an uplifting effect that can boost health and wellness. Read and discover the various health benefits that the Queen of Herbs can offer to you and your whole family. 


Origin of Holy Basil Oil 

Holy basil has the scientific name of Ocimum tenuiflorumand is native to Southeast Asia. It is famous in Indian traditional medicine where different parts of the plants are used for treating various conditions such as diarrhea, eczema, and bronchitis. 

In Sanskrit, tulsi means "the incomparable one", moreover, Hindus believe that the holy basil is an earthly representation of the goddess Tulsi, that's why it is very sacred for them and is commonly planted in Hindu houses for its ritual and medicinal uses. 

The place where holy basil came from is India. There are also parts of Asia where holy basil can be grown. It is one of the most sacred plants in India and is used for spiritual and healing purposes. Some people chew tulsi leaves to cure mouth infections and ulcers.


Major Composition of Holy Basil Oil 

        ● Eugenol                           ● B-bisabolene                    
        ● Isopropyl Palmitate       ● Linalool
        ● Alpha Cubebene            ● Beta-caryophyllene
        ● Elaidic Acid                     ● Cineole
        ● Silane                              ● Vanillin


Uses and Benefits of Holy Basil Oil 

1. Stress and Anxiety Relief. Contains adaptogenic properties that lower your stress levels, treats and prevents anxiety. Tulsi contains antidepressant and antianxiety effects that are similar to antidepressant drugs. There are researches that prove people can feel less anxious and more focused when they inhale holy basil oil.

2. Detoxifying Properties. It helps support your body's natural detoxification process since it contains high levels of antioxidants that can fight free radicals. Because of its detoxifying properties, it can give protection on your liver and lower your uric acid levels that contribute to the development of kidney stones. 

3. Balances Hormones. It can make your hormone levels balanced naturally. It has a positive physical effect on the body and mental benefits as well. It is essential for women especially reducing symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) such as mood swings, irritability, sleep disturbances, and anger. 

4. Increases Stamina. Sustain your physical and mental strength for long periods of time. It enables you to endure stress and reduce fatigue or exhaustion. It can also help you perform daily activities while exerting less energy since holy basil is a powerhouse of essential nutrients that our body needs. 

5. Supports Immunity. It helps boosts your immunity and provides protection against infection and toxic chemicals since it contains antibacterial properties that can kill any type of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa. Through inhaling holy basil oil, it can also help you prevent from having a fever and other types of diseases.

6. Lowers Cholesterol and Blood Sugar. It can help lower your cholesterol and blood sugar levels if you have type 2 diabetes since it contains higher levels of good cholesterol. It can also prevent symptoms of diabetes which includes hypertension, high cholesterol, and weight increase which can also increase your risk of having heart diseases. 

7. Eases Joint Pain. Holy basil can effectively help people who are suffering from different forms of arthritis such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. It also eases joint pain and soothes muscular spasms and cramps since it is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. You can use the holy basil essential oil for massage, just dilute it with the carrier oil of your choice. 

8. Gut Protection. Since holy basil can fight stress, it can actually increase gut protection for it can decrease stomach acid and different kinds of stomach diseases while strengthening the protective mucus in the lining of your stomach. You can actually make a relaxing cup of tea out of the leaves of holy basil which can provide you a number of amazing health benefits. 

9. Skin Care.  Holy basil contains antibacterial and disinfecting properties which can be effective in reducing acne as well as treating skin disorders due to its eugenol content without having any harsh effects for your health. Moreover, it can also ward off mosquitoes providing protection against mosquito-borne diseases, rejuvenate damaged skin and prevent early signs of aging.

10. Respiratory Health. It can help reduce asthma attacks as well as respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and acute bronchitis. It can relieve respiratory congestion since it contains beneficial components that promote easy breathing, the reason why it is frequently recommended as a natural treatment for respiratory issues. 


Directions for Use

Always keep in mind that natural substances such as holy basil are not always safe and require proper usage, that's why it is very important to always follow directions on product labels and consult your healthcare provider before using any kinds of products that can have serious side effects. 

For essential oils, proper medical consultation and assistance are needed from a qualified aromatherapist. Also, do not take tulsi oil internally. Aside from the different benefits that you can get from holy basil essential oil, it can also be used in different ways. Some of these are:

  • Diffuser. Add the desired number of drops of oil or mix with other essential oils in your diffuser. This can help promote concentration and improve memory, immunity and general health. Tulsi has a strong fragrance as well as purifying effects. You can also blend it with other essential oils like eucalyptus or clary sage to reduce stress. 
  • Massage. You need to dilute the holy basil essential oil with a carrier oil before applying it to your skin or other parts of your body to relieve pain. You can also apply it to your face to treat acne or other skin conditions. Using the tulsi oil for massage can boost your health and wellness. 
  • Inhalation. You can inhale the oil inside the bottle or put a few drops on your handkerchief, it will help relieve and ease your nervousness, stress levels and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). 
  • Bath. Add a few drops of holy basil essential oil to your bath water to promote calmness and provide stress relief. It can also help you uplift your spirits and can speed up the recovery from cold or cough. 



Daily Face Mist

  • 5 drops of Holy Basil Essential Oil
  • 1/3 purified water

Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle. Shake well before use. You can use it daily for a refreshing feeling while your skin is hydrated and moisturized. 

Uplifting Mood Diffuser Recipe

  • 4 drops of Holy Basil Essential Oil
  • 5 drops of Clove Bud Essential Oil
  • 6 drops of Bergamot Essential Oil

Blend all the ingredients in a diffuser to promote a calming environment then inhale to release stress. The combination of oils will bring an uplifting vibe in the air and can clear your breathing passages.


Precautions and Side Effects

Pregnant Women and Children. Keep out of reach of children. It is advised that children and pregnant women should avoid the consumption of Holy basil oil. Research says that the excessive use of tulsi by pregnant women can have serious effects such as diarrhea and bleeding and might have long term effects for the mother and the baby. 

Allergic Reactions. Since the major component of holy basil oil is eugenol, overdosage of it can trigger allergic reactions to people who are hypersensitive. There are cases where some individuals experience adverse effects such as rapid breathing, blooding during coughs and can even lead to poisoning. 

Anticoagulant Drugs. Avoid using holy basil oil if you are taking anticoagulant medications that include blood-thinning drugs such as warfarin and aspirin as it can increase the effectivity of these kinds of drugs that could lead to serious side effects such as bruising and excessive bleeding. 

Hypoglycemia. Holy basil can lower blood sugar levels so it is important for people who have diabetes or hypoglycemia to avoid using tulsi oil if they are under medication since it can lead to the excessive reduction of their blood sugar levels and may experience serious side effects such as dizziness and paleness.

Drug Interactions. Avoid taking holy basil together with drugs like diazepam and scopolamine as well as other drugs that reduce vomiting, nervousness and anxiety for these can lead to serious side effects such as nausea, headache, and heartburn. 

Surgery. It is advised that you should stop using holy basil at least two weeks before surgery. Holy basil can slow blood clotting so it is a concern that it might increase chances of bleeding during and after surgery. 


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